garage rock band out of Montclair, NJ

Claire vocals Dylan guitar Margaret drums Joe bass

Tula Vera
Tula Vera March And April Show Schedule

Tula Vera March And April Show Schedule

March 10 Flemington DIY

March 12 Meatlocker w/ Cinema Hearts

March 18 Scarlet Pub, New Brunswick

March 24 The Saint, Asbury Park w/ Drive Kid

March 30 Boontunes w/ Shred Flintstone, Switch Mob, & Great Wight

April 7 Meatlocker w/ The Carousers, Well Wisher, & Miracle Sweepstakes

April 20 LKFFCT Ep Release Show

Saturday, March 24, 2018 Matinee Rockout w/ Kat Phunk, This Year's Comeback & MORE at The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ

Matinee Rockout w/ Kat Phunk, This Year's Comeback & MORE

Saturday, March 24 at 1 PM - 6 PM

The Saint

601 Main St, Asbury Park NJ

Kat Phunk (Funk from Middletown, NJ)

This Year's Comeback (Pop Punk/Emo from Tom's River, NJ)

Drive, Kid (Pop Punk/Alternative from West Long Branch, NJ)

Garage Sale (Indie/Punk from Manasquan, NJ)

Society Hill (Indie Rock/Emo from Long Branch, NJ)

Tula Vera

Friday, March 30, 2018 Tula Vera/Switch Mob/Great Wight/Shred Flinstone at Boontunes

Tula Vera/ Switch Mob/ Great Wight/ Shred Flinstone

Friday, March 30 at 7:30 PM - 11 PM


613 Main St, Boonton NJ

Shred Flinstone: Rockin ya back to the stoneage! with punky garagey tunes.

Great Wight: Sick Afro Punk band comin at ya from New York, with some jammin tunes ya won't want to miss.

Switch Mob: R&B, to Hip Hop, to Experimental Jazz, Insanely talented musicians, that got it all.

Tula Vera: your favorite indie rock buds coming to make some music and have a good time.

Semi Monthly show hosted by Tula Vera!! Come on out and have a good time with us before spring comes around the bend! at your favorite DIY venue.
Saturday, April 7, 2018 TulaVera/TheCarousers/WellWisher/MiracleSweepstakes - Meatlocker

TulaVera/ TheCarousers/ WellWisher/ MiracleSweepstakes

Saturday, April 7 at 9 PM - 12 AM


8 Park St, Montclair NJ

The Carousers - punk rock trio hailing from Long Branch, NJ with a rather varied array of interested including but not limited to sick dad jokes, drinking lots of coffee, eating dino nuggets, most nicolas cage films, zesty memes

Well Wisher - well... if you wished for Well Wisher, my friend, you are in luck! This 4 piece indie rock group will be playing fuzzy, no b-s kind of songs with heartfelt lyrics. If that doesn't convince you to come idk what will.

Miracle Sweepstakes - (NY) maybe its the psychedelic vibes, or the post-punk jangle, or the progressive progressions... whatever it is, it must be a Miracle!

Tula Vera - boys and girls that will rock your socks off quicker than you can say "Tula Who?"

Hey dudes and dudettes! We are excited to announce our 5th event at the ever glorious Meatlocker! We're playing with some good friends and some great bands so hope you can come out and dig the rock n roll vibes with us!
Saturday, May 5, 2018 Montclair Center Stage Music Festival at Lackawanna Plaza Montclair NJ

Montclair Center Stage Music Festival

Saturday, May 5 at 12 pm – 8 pm

Lackawanna Plaza

Montclair NJ


Tula Vera

Samad Savage



Rockstar Racecar

School of Rock

Ava Otterbein

The Montclair Center Stage Music Festival will celebrate the tradition of Montclair music with two stages of the best, emerging local talent and a special tribute to Montclair music legend John Finnegan.
Saturday, June 9, 2018 Wyatt's YUGE Boontunes Birthday Soiree at BoonTunes in Boonton NJ

Wyatt's YUGE Boontunes Birthday Soiree

Saturday, June 9 at 7 PM - 11:30 PM


613 Main St, Boonton NJ

Electric Sensei Dance-able weird-rock that will touch your skeleton

The Values (NY) Sick tunes that will make you feel even cooler than you already are

Sunflower Psych-folk for the ages! Experts in making you love others!

Tula Vera YUGE SOUNDING blues-y jams that you can't not love

The Amazing Musical Mezling Inspiring musical pioneering that will haunt you for months