garage rock band out of Montclair, NJ

Claire vocals Dylan guitar Margaret drums Joe bass

Tula Vera
Saturday, February 17, 2018 Tula Vera/Shred Flintstone/Miracle Sweepstakes at The Meatlocker

Tula Vera/ Shred Flintstone/ Miracle Sweepstakes

Saturday, February 17 at 10 PM - 1 AM

The Meatlocker

8 PARK ST, Montclair NJ

Hey people in the area who enjoy good ol' local indie rock! We are happy to announce our 4th event at the Meatlocker featuring some seriously ridiculous musicians! Of course our good buddies in Shred Flintstone (whom we had play last minute at our first Meatlocker event) will be rocking ya back to the stone age! And some newer buddies who we met in Brooklyn a few months back, Miracle Sweepstakes! It won't take a miracle to make this show unforgettable, thats for sure.

Anywho, ya know the deal. Get to The Locker O' Meat around 10ish cause music is gonna start around then! Don't forget you can always hang out and grab a quick bite at Montclair Vegan during, before, and after the set so if ur hungry... do it!

Shred Flintstone - rocking ya back to the stone age with punky, garagey, swell tunes

Miracle Sweepstakes - (NY) maybe its the psychedelic vibes, or the post-punk jangle, or the progressive progressions... whatever it is, it must be a Miracle!

Tula Vera

Lovely, amazing, trippy poster art by the equally amazing Corinne Dodenhoff

Sunday, March 18, 2018 Tula Vera // My Cruel Summer // The Foxfires at Scarlet Pub in New Brunswick NJ

Tula Vera // My Cruel Summer // The Foxfires

Sunday, March 18 at 8 PM - 10:30 PM

Scarlet Pub

131 Easton Ave, New Brunswick NJ

Embrace DIY Productions presents

Tula Vera

The Foxfires (Nyack, NY)

My Cruel Summer (Alt Rock)

21+ | 8pm | $5 for bands
Saturday, June 9, 2018 Wyatt's YUGE Boontunes Birthday Soiree at BoonTunes in Boonton NJ

Wyatt's YUGE Boontunes Birthday Soiree

Saturday, June 9 at 7 PM - 11:30 PM


613 Main St, Boonton NJ

Electric Sensei Dance-able weird-rock that will touch your skeleton

The Values (NY) Sick tunes that will make you feel even cooler than you already are

Sunflower Psych-folk for the ages! Experts in making you love others!

Tula Vera

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